Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Facility
700 Hilbig Rd Conroe, TX 77301
(936) 522-4200
(936) 688-4535
Montgomery County Texas

BACKGROUND: Montgomery County Mental Health Treatment Facility (MCMHTF) is a forensic facility with 100 beds, designed to treat patients who are determined by the court system to be incompetent to proceed with their trial. Scope of Work We believe that our approach to mental health treatment is parallel with the approach of the Texas Department of State Health Services for Mental Health Transformation. GEO Care is committed to the Department’s goals of complete patient transformation and recovery. The ultimate goal of both parties is to construct a solid mental health system that promotes wellness, resilience, and recovery. GEO Care promotes and supports this innovative system in Montgomery County where the quality of care is the highest priority. By providing effective and timely treatment to those in need, GEO Care continues to seamlessly administer a continuum of care across all agencies. The management contract between GEO Care and the County has an initial term effective through August 31, 2011 with unlimited two-year renewal option periods. The County in turn has signed an Intergovernmental Agreement with the State of Texas for the housing of a mental health forensic population at the Facility. The Facility began operations in March 2011

SERVICES: The mission of the facility is to restore these individuals to competency as quickly as possible so they may return to the court. The partnership between the State, Montgomery County, and GEO Care, Inc. has resulted in a comprehensive plan for the operation and management of MCMHTF. In conjunction with Montgomery County Officials and the Texas Department of State Health Services, GEO Care has created a secure and therapeutic environment which fosters recovery, community and criminal justice partnerships, and continuity of care. GEO Care’s experience in the operation and management of forensic hospitals is extensive, reducing patient seclusion and restraint, and creating working relationships with local advocacy organizations. As a licensed psychiatric facility, our high quality operations meet or exceed local, state, and federal contractual requirements as well as the accreditation standards of The Joint Commission.

ACCREDITATION: They are accredited by The Joint Commission under Hospital Accreditation Standards.

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