Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center
96 SW Allapattah Rd Indiantown, FL 34956
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State of Florida
Joint Commission

BACKGROUND:  GEO Care was awarded the contract to operate the Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center (TCFTC)  in February 2007, by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Operation of the 175-bed adult male secure mental health treatment facility began on April 1, 2007. The Center received its first set of residents on April 2, 2007. In October 2008, the contract was amended to increase the number of resident beds to 198 with 25 flex beds. Admissions into the Center are by court order from the Judicial Circuits in Central and South Florida.

SCOPE OF WORK: Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center is a forensic treatment facility providing for the safety, security, treatment and rehabilitation of patients, as well as ensuring the safety of the general public. GEO Care provides safe working conditions for employees and volunteers, and comfortable living conditions for the patient population. GEO Care offers security coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The staff is responsible for direct and indirect supervision of the residents in their daily activities. Continuous staff and resident interaction facilitates a good relationship for a safe, treatment conducive environment.

SERVICES: GEO Care provides an array of services at the facility, which are guided by the empirically based principles of the recovery model. This model offers choice and as such GEO Care offers a broad program, which is tailored to meet the individual needs of the respective residents based on assessments conducted by multi-disciplinary treatment teams. Support of family, friends, or other individuals selected by the resident are encouraged. GEO Care subscribes to and believes in the “Recovery Model” for treatment of the seriously and persistently mentally ill. This model of therapeutic intervention is evidenced based and incorporates beliefs that recovery is personal and unique to each individual. It is a process that focuses on one’s attitude, values, feelings, goals and skills. Changes will often take place not only in the resident but with family, friends and others in the resident’s support system. It is a way of living a hopeful, satisfying life despite the potential limitations imposed by serious mental illness. GEO Care’s goal at the Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center is to provide professional mental health care to prepare residents who are found incompetent to proceed (ITP’s) for trial and in addition, to treat those individuals declared not guilty by reason of insanity, (NGI’s) in a manner where the outcome reduces symptoms while diminishing their risk to society through aggressive mental health treatment. GEO Care’s status as a leading provider of mental health services for public/private partnerships has been established by a highly trained qualified work force which is the key element to the operation of a successful, safe, efficient and secure mental health facility. Central to the question of personnel quality is the training plan utilized to develop the staff. The staff training plan is structured to ensure that all personnel complete training requirements that meet or exceed applicable requirements of the State.

ACCREDITATION: Treasure Coast Forensic Treatment Center is accredited by The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care.

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