GEO Care, LLC has more than 15 years of experience providing correctional mental healthcare services and operating state psychiatric hospitals treating forensic and civil populations, including the current management of six adult residential treatment centers. GEO Care has established itself as the premier provider of mental health and residential treatment services. With over 2,000 professionals, GEO Care continues to grow by providing its governmental clients with services that meet or exceed performance requirements and standards of care at a lower cost to taxpayers.         


GEO Care LLC is proud to receive recognition from Florida Governor Rick Scott for its commitment to fiscal responsibility by implementing bold and innovative cost-saving business practices while increasing the effectiveness of state government operations. READ MORE          

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GEO Care, LLC is pleased to announce that it has been acquired and merged with Correct Care Solutions LLC. With over 100 governmental clients in 30 states, Correct Care Solutions is a leading healthcare services provider to patients in county, local and state correctional facilities. Although GEO Care will rebrand in the near future, the leadership and management team is committed to developing and implementing industry leading practices. We believe that becoming a part of a larger provider of public health services will enhance our partnerships and bring greater value to those we serve.

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Services are provided without any discrimination in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We provide reasonable accommodations to all those with a disability as defined under the ADA.

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